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Home Spa
Do you have a home spa treatment recipe that you would like to share with others? Maybe an herbal facial scrub or a natural treatment that you have discovered?

Home Spa Treatments

What better way to soothe your aches and pains, and relieve stress, than with a trip to the spa. But do you have the time or the money? Fortunately, you can almost recreate the entire spa experience at home, by turning a bathroom into your day home spa.

And, it’s easy!

All you need are few home spa accessories, to set the stage and a relaxing environment that you can call your own for around 30-60 minutes. With that, you’re ready for some pampering!

Create Home Spa Bath

Wind down

If you have time, try to get yourself into a relaxed mindset before your spa bath so it can be that much more enjoyable. Meditation, yoga, or a few Pilate’s stretches may be the perfect way to start your home spa treatment.

A place to call your own

If you live alone, this should be easy. But, if you have a spouse, kids, or a roommate, you need to find the time when you can be alone. Send them off to the movies, send them off anyplace, but make sure that you can have uninterrupted relaxation time. It’s your time for pampering! An hour (or more) is best, but give yourself at least a half hour. Otherwise, you won’t be able to relax as deeply as you would like.

Soft lights

Create an atmosphere by bathing in candlelight. Aromatherapy candles, like lavender, are known for their relaxation qualities. Experiment, with different scents, until you find the ones you most enjoy.

Soft music

Fill your home spa with soft, relaxing music — something instrumental, playing in the background, maybe the perfect complement to your candlelit bath.

Favorite reads

Bring a magazine with you that you haven’t had time to read or a good book. It is a great way to get your mind to go elsewhere for a while. Or write, do you like to write poetry or music? A calm, relaxing environment may be where you can be most creative.

Home spa supplies

Home spa supplies

Bubble bath, for sure! Make all kinds of bubbles and recreate the whimsical bubble baths of your childhood.

Include body scrubs, which are a great way to exfoliate and radiate skin. For removing dry skin, you may also want to use a loofah shower sponge. And your feet will love you for it if you treat your calluses to a pumice stone.

You’ll want to find a right bath pillow, so when you’re ready to lean back and close your eyes for a few moments, you’ll have soft support. But, before you lay back – why not apply a facial treatment masque for deep pore cleaning skin rejuvenation!

After your bath

Have unique home spa towels ready – a couple of super plush towels to wrap yourself. A soothing, relaxing body lotion is a luxurious, pampering way to end your bath.


Include a message! Remember that partner you asked to leave while you took time for some pampering? Invite him or her back and ask them to give you a back massage. If that doesn’t work, try a self-neck massage.

Home spa treatments donMassage‘t need to end with a soothing bath. Do you own a home foot spa or paraffin bath? It’s one of the ultimate home spa products and can purchase for around $50. That sure beats the price of a regular paraffin bath at a spa or salon!

When you are complete with your pampering, slip into your most comfortable clothes or even your pajamas and try to savor your relaxed, pampered feel forever!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for your next home spa day. A guaranteed way to help relieve stress.

Home Spa Treatment Recipe

Do you have a home spa treatment recipe that you would like to share with others? Maybe an herbal facial scrub or a natural treatment that you have discovered? If so, I have loved to include your home spa recipes here. I can reach through my contact form.


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