Best Warm up Exercise

Best Warm-up Exercise
An exercise warm-up and stretching routine can also use as cool down exercise after your workout.

Just as the name suggests, best warm-up exercise warm the body. They do therefore by increasing blood flow to the muscles. It creating them a lot of relaxed, less liable to injury and receptive to a lot of vigorous exercises.

As well as conditioning muscles, a proper warm-up tends to increase motivation and gear. The minds up for the higher physical activity.

What if you are not up to a full workout routine today?

Although routine aerobic exercise can be essential. We all know there are days when we don’t have much time for use.

However, by taking 10 or 15 minutes to do some light warm-up and stretching exercise. You can still feel a few of the benefits of a more high impact routine. What a great way to quickly boost energy while getting what may be some much-needed stress relief!

Best Warm-up Exercise and Stretching 

I have told that warm-up exercise should do to the extent that heart rate increases, but not to the target heart rate level. Start gradually and warm up for close to ten minutes, or to the point of breaking a sweat, is often adequate. Of course, the duration and intensity of your workout should be determined by your physical condition.

A proper warm-up is designed to loosen all of the muscle groups, not only those that will use in your specific workout routine.

The same goes for the stretching exercises that should do after a warm-up exercise. Stretch as many muscles as possible, to increase flexibility and range of motion.

What works well as a warm up?

Often it is recommended that you do a slower version of your planned exercise routine. For example, a runner may begin with a brisk walk, a few stretching exercises, and a jog, while a jogger may start with a slower step, followed by a few stretches.

Whatever you have planned for your more strenuous routine, 10-15 minutes of walking or bicycling can be an excellent way to begin. Customize your warm-up routine with what works best for you, and you’ll find it more enjoyable and refreshing.

An exercise warm-up and stretching routine can also use as cool down exercise after your workout.


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